This one came from a friend of a friend, who has no idea that I have a brother.

L : "Sama sapa loe cha ke sini?"
me: "Tuh sama nyokap, bokap n dd gue"
L : "Oohh? Itu dd loe?"
me: "Iyaa..loe pikir co gue?"
L : "iyee.."

This one came from a friend who have known me for 4 years, know that I have a brother, but have never seen my brother *despite the fact that all of us were in the same campus haha*

D : "*ehem ehem* chaa..ituu ga dikenalin? *sambil nunjuk2 ke arah seorang co deket gue*"
me: "Loe blum kenal dd gue?"
D : "??????"

I got that reactions almost every time..
I can only laugh watching people's reactions.

I have only one brother *younger brother to be exact*.
He's only 1.5 years apart from me.
We practically have spent almost all of our lives together.
Same kindergarden, same school, same Japanese course, same university..even same classes in my final year of university.
Translated the situation into 6 words "him, him, him and him again!!!"
but the thing is, I kinda miss him when he's not around.

Me and him, we used to fight over everything back when we're small.
During our so-called-puberty, we grew up in our own worlds.
Me with my bunch-of-friends, bunch-of-activities, bunch-of-troubles..
Him with his-not-so-many-friends, not-so-many-activities, not-so-many troubles.
We barely even speaking as long as I recall..

It all changed started in the university..
With him entering the same university as me, he HAD to drive with me every morning to campus hahaha
So, slowly the ice was breaking.
I think the 'moment' was back when my family was having a holiday in Bandung about 2 years ago.
That was like the very first heart-to-heart conversation we'd ever had.

Things were not as smooth as it is now.
Once upon a time *not so long ago*, we both had a huge fight.
huge as in we're not speaking one another for almost 2 months.
My mistake back then..
I guess it's true what they're saying..
What doesn't kill you, make you stronger

Recovering from that fight, both of us became so close..
For me personally, I've come to a point where I realized that I love him so much.
*OMG bro..don't start laughing when you read this!! Don't start to poke me either!! Most of all, jangan gr..weqqqqq*
We practically do almost everything together..
Freelancing programmer, fitness, shopping, curhat, watching movies..
We even joke in a way that almost no one can understand what are we talking about ahahha

Well, take a look at that picture and keep in mind that
he's my brother hahaha
If any of you saw me with a guy resemble him..
Yuppe..he's my brother..not my boyfriend!!!
4 Responses
  1. Evan Says:

    waaa... jadi pengen punya adek/kakak neh... sayang sudah terlambat... T_T

  2. SorCeRer Says:

    evan: Be careful for what you wish for mann, you could end up with a mahapid blutuk like me.

    yo mahapid, thx for the clarification. Damn, hampir harga pasaran gw turun. Haha it's not like i'm interested in marketing myself :p

    Anyway, what SanJayPid said about "practically spent our lives together", it's so damn right. Most of teachers in my school recognize me as "lisiani's brother". But luckily things changed quite a bit in university, several lecturers identified her as "ferry's sister" hohoho. Does it make sense??

    Hm, regarding things that we do together, I wanna leave "shopping" out of that, since I can't shop with her, I'm "straight" mannnn :p

    FYI, Her latest itupid-ness was her shaking my head for no reason, and tickle me.

    And about the "joke in a way that almost no one can understand", I didn't start it. So the next time any of you saw her doing strange things, it's her own natural talent.

  3. -LiSiaNi- Says:

    evan : have any particular interest in a brother named "ferry"? ;p

    bro : hushh..dare you menyebar gosip2 ga bener..
    Hahaha i know you're straight's just that you have such a good sense of style *jadiii masih mau kan nemenin gue shopping hihihi*
    Ehh broo..tolong yach hahaha sapa coba yang tiba2 nyanyi:
    Aku pohon..tanah rumah ku..
    *Dengan nada dari iklan pasta gigi yang: Aku gigi, mulut rumahku..Agar sehat dan kuat, aku harus disikat setiap hari....*
    Weqqq hahaha

  4. irine Says:

    The both of you are just weird~I guess that's why you guys are related? Hehe.