I was one of those people who were willingly enough to watch the movie even if I had to sit 3 rows from the front.
Together with my bro, his gf and 8 of my friends..we occupied 4 rows in J row..and another 8 in K row..

The first thing that caught my attention is..
Brandon Routh was smoking hot!!
What I mean by HOT is H.O.T!?!?!?
*kecuali pas rambut nya tiba2 ada poni nya satu keriwilan gitu*

The overall story was just ok..
It didn't really satisfy my appetite for good movie,
though it was another proof that a man is at his strongest and his weakest point when there is a woman by his side.
Superman has Louis Lane,
Spiderman has Marie Jane,
Hulk has Betty Ross,
Wolverine has Jane,
Batman hhmm he has a lot of woman? Haha dunno about this one, cause I don't really follow Batman story.

As I said to one of my best friend:
"Love brings us to the highest point, yet it has the capability of bringing us to the lowest point that we'd never imagined before."
4 Responses
  1. SorCeRer Says:

    Wew, you girls must have been really crazzy. Sitting in my left is you, said that Clark was hot, and in less than a second, my gf said the same thing. omgd, how comeeeee?

  2. -LiSiaNi- Says:

    hahaha karena itulah fakta yang ada adikku tersayang weqqqqqqqqqq

  3. Agau Says:

    Hahaha baru kali ini liat lo comment Fer! emank gw agak heran2x juga waktu my gf 'directly' said the same thing when Clark first appear on the screeen... =)

    Btw it's a really nice blog you have here, you really good at the words.

  4. -LiSiaNi- Says:

    Wahh agau..selamat datang di blog gue hehe yuppe..Ferry minim comment di blog gue, padahal kalo di rumah comment nya luar biasa banyak nya hahaha jangan bosen2 mampir yach gau;p