bro: "Would you prefer your boyfriend to cheat on some other girl, or to actually realize that he's a homosexual?"
me: "The second one I guess? Let's see..Leaving me for other girl would probably ended up in me questioning what's wrong with me? Not enough attention? Not attractive enough? What is it that she has that I don't have? Things like that."
me: "Meanwhile, if he decided to be with another guy..How am I going to compare myself with a guy??"

Ampun dech bro..cukup ga penting pertanyaan nya. Don't you think so?
Anyway, tadi siang pas lunch ada kejadian yang cukup notable.
Berhubung gue duduk menghadap ke pintu masuk, jadi cukup memberi gue pandangan ke hampir seluruh penjuru ruangan.
There's this couple entering the restaurant..A man around his 30s and a pregnant woman *hhmm around 5 or 6 months pregnant I think*

The woman was walking behind him toward a table across me.
The man was pulling a chair and producing a body posture implying that he's gonna give the seat to that woman.
I thought "Wow..that's simple, but sweet.."
In just a split second, I was stunned to see that he beseated on that chair.
In a glimpse I can see the expression in the woman's face *a little shock? I dunno*
I was like "What?!!"
PS: I'm as a third party who accidentally catch the event, can only grab the whole picture..

I realize that a relationship needs a lot of effort and sacrifise in order to last.
I also aware it took a creativity to make the relationship stays fresh *dibaca: hubungan nya ga menjadi hambar*.

Well, I'm not pulling any conclusion here..It's just that it really caught my attention..
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  1. aribowo Says:

    halo salam kenal, kunjungan pertama neeh, gak papa kan kalo aku pake bahasa endonesia, abis english ku blepotan

  2. -LiSiaNi- Says:
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  3. -LiSiaNi- Says:

    hai..met kenal:) jangan bosen2 mampir yach. Btw, kebetulan banget temen ku ada yang namanya aribowo.. Aku link yach..

  4. SorCeRer Says:

    Wew, memang pertanyaannya gk penting. Itu kan trivial question. Gara2 sebelumnya ada seseorang yg terjebak kena gw tipu, ada seseorang cowo yg pake anting di salah satu kupingnya. Hahaha.